Nadim Copty

+90 212 359 6695
Interest Areas: 

Transport of pollutants in the environment

Fate and transport of nanomaterials in the environment

Groundwater remediation

Modeling of flow and transport in porous media

Air pollution and control


Ph. D., Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley, USA, 1994

M.E., Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley, USA, 1990

B.E., Department of Civil Engineering, American University of Beirut, LB, 1988

Academic Career: 

Professor, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Bogazici University, Istanbul, 2011 - Present

Associate Professor,  Institute of Environmental Sciences, Bogazici University, Istanbul, 2005 -2011

Assistant Professor,  Institute of Environmental Sciences, Bogazici University, Istanbul, 2000 – 2005 

Instructor, University of California, Berkeley, 1997

Teaching Assistant, University of California, Berkeley, 1989- 1994

Recent Projects: 
  1. InTheMed, Innovative Groundwater Management in the Mediterranean, The Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area, funded by PRIMA program, 2020- present,
  2. Fate and Transport of Pesticides in the Konya Plain, Bogazici University Research Fund, 2020–
  3. In-Situ Chemical Flushing and Oxidation Technologies for the Remediation of Aquifer Systems Contaminated with DNAPLs, Bogazici University Research Fund, 2019–
  4. Soil salinity management by sustainable irrigation practices in Konya Plain, Turkey, through an interdisciplinary multi-institutional network funded by TÜBITAK- British Council, 2019–2022
  5. Assessment of improvements in Air Quality Related to an Increase in the Share of Renewable Energy in Turkey’s Electricity Mix, supported by The Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), 2018–2020
Selected Publications: 
  1. Aminnaji, M., Yaksi, Copty, N. K., Niasar, V. J., Babaei, M., (2021) Pore Network and Darcy Scale Modelling of DNAPL Remediation Using Ethanol Flushing: Study of Physical Properties in DNAPL remediation, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 243, 103886,
  2. Yaksi, K., Demiray, Z., Copty, N. K., (2021) Impact of cosolvents on the interphase mass transfer of NAPLs in porous media, Water Resources Research, 57, e2020WR029326
  3. Alazaiza, M. Y. D., Ramli, M. H., Copty, N. K., Ling, M. C., (2021) Assessing the impact of water infiltration on LNAPL mobilization in sand column using simplified image analysis method, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 238, 103769, 2021
  4. Pechstein, A., Copty, N. K., (2021) Estimating the Transmissivity from Steady-State Pumping Tests in Heterogeneous Aquifers delineated by a Linear Constant Head Boundary, Groundwater, 59(4), 517-523
  5. Gökçe, B. H., Arıoğlu, E., Copty, N. K., Onay T. T., Gün, B, (2020) Exterior air quality monitoring for the Eurasia Tunnel in Istanbul, Turkey, Science of the Total Environment, 699, 134312