IESc Seminar Series: “Red, not green. ‘Turkish salmon’ - outside the global salmon commodity chain?” By Prof Ståle Knudsen

Monday, October 30, 2023

Institute of Environmental Sciences Seminar Series

“Red, not green. ‘Turkish salmon’ - outside the global salmon commodity chain?”

By Prof Ståle Knudsen

University of Bergen, Norway

We cordially invite you to our seminar “Red, not green. ‘Turkish salmon’ - outside the global salmon commodity chain” by Prof Ståle Knudsen, University of Bergen, Norway.

When: 20 November 2023, Monday, 14:00-15:30

Where: Institute of Environmental Sciences Seminar Room (Hisar Campus E-Block) for any questions.



More than 30 years ago Norwegian entrepreneurs, supported by Norwegian expertise and technology, ventured to explore salmon farming in the Turkish Black Sea region. The ambitious business initiatives spectacularly failed. 30 years later farming of ‘Turkish salmon’ (rainbow trout) became a success. This time local entrepreneurs together with a few large Turkish seafood companies totally dominate the scene. Why did this business not succeed 30 years ago, but is booming now? In this presentation, I will discuss the reasons for this as well as some current development trends. I argue that the ‘Turkish salmon’ largely remains outside of the Norwegian-dominated global salmon value chain and indicate some reasons for and implication of that.


Short bio:

Ståle Knudsen's pictureStåle Knudsen’s recent work has concentrated on Norwegian corporations’ engagement with corporate social responsibility when they operate abroad. Earlier work has been based on long-term fieldwork in Turkey and has covered issues such as knowledge, technology, science, seafood and consumption, introduced species, state policies, poverty, environmentalism, and common pool resources. Current research addresses aquaculture in Norway and Turkey with a focus on financial logics and sustainability as this is negotiated at the interface between corporations, states, international institutions, civil society, and local communities. Knudsen is also involved in the project ASMOG (automation of maritime industries) for which he researches the importance of regulatory development through a case study of the development of an autonomous city-boat in Haugesund, Norway.