​​​​​​​Faculty Positions Available at The Institute of Environmental Sciences

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Institute of Environmental Sciences (IES) at Bogazici University (BU) invites applications for faculty positions at all academic levels. The positions are open to all candidates that have documented record of research and teaching excellence in environmental science and technology especially on the areas (but not limited to):


1) Water conservation and reuse

New biological/chemical treatment technologies e.g. membranes, enzymes, green catalysts, sorbents; micropollutants; water quality monitoring; (bio)sensors for process control and monitoring; integrated watershed management; resource recovery; water storage technologies …

2) Environmental/Ecological data analysis

Big Data, Environmental statistics, Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, Geographical information systems, Remote sensing, Ecological modeling, Population and community ecology, Ecosystem dynamics ….. 

3) Ecotoxicology

Experimental toxicology with higher order organisms; mutagenesis; endocrine disruption; developmental toxicology; exposure; monitoring pollutants in organisms ….

4) Social-Ecological Systems Modeling

Modeling of socio-ecological problems for environmental policy and sustainability analysis, Systems thinking, System dynamics modeling, ...



Candidates will contribute to graduate teaching (%40), research (%50) and service to the Institute (%10). Candidates should have a publication record consistent with their career stage, and be able to show the potential to build and maintain a productive research program, including the ability to secure competitive external funding. Candidates must also have the ability to effectively collaborate in an interdisciplinary academic setting that may include stakeholders such as government agencies and private sector entities.


IES at BU:

Founded in 1863, Bogazici University is the first American higher education institution established outside the United States, with strong ties to notable universities across EU, US and Asia. The language of instruction is English. Bogazici University was ranked the top university in Turkey with respect to its number of project partnerships and its number of funded projects per faculty member within the European Commission Research Programs (http://www.bogazici.edu.tr/). IES hosts 20 full-time faculty members with more than 120 doctorate and masters students. Current research domains within IES cover renewable energy, water and wastewater technologies, pollution monitoring and assessment, conservation and molecular ecology and socio-ecological sustainability (https://iesc.bogazici.edu.tr/).


Applications are accepted through https://academicjobapplications.bogazici.edu.tr/. Applications will be evaluated, and the candidates will be further contacted for interview.